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With increased cost of capital post 2008 most large sell side firms have reduced the amount of capital they commit to intermediation. They have also strategically decided to concentrate their market making on the segments that they feel represent their core business. However clients won’t market making across all assets, all regions and the sell side firms need to be able to provide it without providing capital at the same time new market makers with a high level of technology know how have entered the market and are able to provide low latency I throughput executable price, across asset class and region.

For a significant number of large sell side firms, Arkonis is now aggregating the feeds of this new market makers normalizing them through high level fix API and make it available in all the core data centers around the world used by big sell side firm. Based on these feeds large sell side firm can reprice for their different type of clients and offers the complementary market making they need without taking any risk or committing any capital providing at the same time a complete coverage and significant savings to the market making operations.

foreign exchange, governments, credits, crypto currencies and other products are availalble on tap in a very secure way at the right place and avoid unnecessary connectivity development time and a high level of complexity fro the sell side firms IT operation.

Asset Managers


Asset managers need to access new markets.


With the development of the benchmark crypto currency market the large asset managers are starting to be interested in offering products either for investments or for index replication but will tap this new evolving market. Asset managers want connectivity simplicity, high level of security, a global availability, and the capability to find brokerage partner that can optimize this very special trade to get the most effective execution.

Arkonis has built a platform that constitutes a hub for cryptocurrency brokers aggregating services useful to them and therefore allow the large asset managers a choice of partners to execute in the best possible way further the Arkonis has also normalize an extremely complex market to reach most crypto currency exchanges and most market makers despite the administrative complexity and the technical complexity of this market and delivers it into a safe environment into a single normalized well documented fix api that can be easily connected to EMS, OMS & PMS. Further a unique set of analytics have been developed that enhance a premium price feed with no equivalent in the market place allowing the institutional buy side to find in cryptocurrency trading an environment that they have in other asset classes.

Crypto currency Broker Hub


Crypto currency brokers to serve their clients in an efficient way need to find on the same platform a trading system to access the various crypto currency destination, a safe custody environment for their fund per client with a high level of segregation, membership to access the various exchanges and market makers a reporting allowing them to track their trades and positions and finally an infrastructure that avoid the pitfalls of the crypto currency market and a potential financing of transaction if necessary

Arkonis has integrated these various services plus certain number of proprietary analytics to offer the client the most effective execution service platform. All these services are offered on an immediate basis through a highly developed SaaS model with the best possible infrastructure on the market place on a global basis.